Monday, February 18, 2008

hundred islands!

i'm not promoting the beautiful places of my country but if u have time to travel around the world well atleast visits some places here, sure you will enjoy the breath-taking views....
i should have known how to blog earlier so i could just post my new experiences,, post the places
i 've been to on my site.
last dec. 2007
my sister's bf went here to visit her and to meet our family, he wanted to go to the beach so i suggested we to hundred island because its the nearest place i know he would like to go..
here some photos that i took..
this is from the top of governor's island, well each island has its name our guide told us .. he even pointed each island and trying to tell us the history and the name.. we get there by bus.. it took us 5 hours to get to alaminos city in pangasinan then another 30 minutes to get the port and rent a boat to get to the islands.. its P800 for the banca (boat) but ofcourse thats not us!
lots of island to choose from but we have chosen the less people, we stayed in Lopez island its just the four of us.. we assume that we're stuck in a virgin island that no one there just us lol peace men!! this is my niece AJ..

the Quezon island is the biggest and have place to stay for those who want to stay overnight for only 1200- up php. thats aj and jeremy oh! sorry po ate joy! i forgot to upload your photo on here...and of course this is me enjoying the water hehe... im not trying to make porno on this site just want to post my photo lol:)
ok thats all folks... if ever you'll here in PI visit hundred islands.....