Wednesday, March 19, 2008


today most of the employees are having their vacation because of the holy week.
i know most of the people from other country don't know what holy week for us filipinos.

aside from the 7107 beautiful islands and hospitality, Philippines is also known for its culture and catholic beliefs. th devotion of the Filipinos for god is really amazing.

holy week starts with the palm sunday or what we it "palaspas". palm sunday is the celebration of the triumphant of jesus to enter jerusalem. Filipinos are gathered to churches with their faith and unopened palm tree leaves. catholics believe that "palaspas " or the palm leaves will have extra ordinary healing power once it will be blessed by holy water in a catholic church.

next day will be holy monday to good friday. black saturday which they said the death of jesus. during my days in my province when i was young, the oldies often say. "you are not allowed to take a bath after 3 pm on good friday. just because im still a kid. i will obey them without asking them why?. they said sign of respect to jesus who suffered and died on the cross.

during those days. many activities are being held in different part of the philippines.
one of them is what we call. Puni or pabasa, where some maiden or oldies will sing a book in which saying about how jesus was born to his death up to his resurrection.

also the flagellants. where in some men doing for years as we call it "panata" or just like a promise that they will do flagellants for showing devotion to god for the miracle he did to him or to the part of the family or friends. this is done by walking barefooted and half naked under a midday sun. whipping their back and allow it to bleed.

Moriones festival, near in my place there is a street where in the youth will have a play. where in one of them will play the role of jesus, maria, joseph and other are the hebrew who chase jesus.
the play is all about how jesus died.

whether you are, Christian, Buddhist, hindu or dont believe in god at all. its always good to respect other people for what they believe as u want them to respect yours too.

well i gotta go to bed now. comments are allowed!


Bobby said...

Hi Jessa! It is wonderful to meet you:) I enjoyed reading this post. I especially like how you ended it, by showing respect for all people, regardless of their beliefs. I believe in God, but do not judge those who don't. Have a great weekend!

Sahasi said...

Hi Jessa,
Great sentiments expressed in your blog. I liked your view of respecting all people irrespective of their religious affiliation. Wish there were more people like you in this world. Do take time to visit my blog sometimes

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