Friday, December 28, 2007

monday group

monday group in mealman lab in spcf.. fun to with them they're all nice to me and treat me as their elder sister and call me "ate",lol:) oh miss them so much!!
wish i can spend time again with u guys! and hope ur doing good
from the top( left), me, jonathan, rex, kassie,
from below meet emz, manilyn, noemi and lovely kerwin..
mealman lab is our way to learn different kinds of food local or international it was fun!
we had a mini-chef's olympics in our department which is the hotel and restaurant management and tourism department and im one of the student who represent my monday group..
it was a long day, every students including the teacher and faculty are busy and hoping that they will win...
i am part of exotic cooking in variety meat contest,.. we are 3 in the group
and here is our product...
lengua ilocandia in creole sauce

its a combination of ilocos pinakbet veggies and international creole sauce and a lengua or tongue as the variety meat..
and the good news?!! we're the champion and received a certificate and a medal..
very memorable day:)